Breast fedding and dental growing
Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) recommends exclusive breast feeding during the first 6 months of the baby’s life and the continuation of the breast feeding up to 2 years, and even more, according to mothers wish.
Breast feeding allows a privileged contact mother-baby: olfactory stimuli (smell of the mother neck and breast), auditory (mother heart beats), tactile (mother skin texture), thermic (mother’s body heating).
Breast feeding is well known for its nutritional value, subject of many researches, but the importance and role of the nursing on baby growing is much less known.
With 300 liters of milk consumed during the first year of life and one million of muscle stimuli related to the feeding, breast feeding is an essential factor of the baby facial growing during the period of the maximum potential: 50 % of the baby facial growing is done at the age of 6 months.
The strong solicitation of the chewing muscles and tongue during the breast feeding provides as much as stimuli allowing baby’s dental arcades relevant growing. This characteristic muscle effort done by the baby during the breast feeding requires also a perfect coordination of suction-swallowing-ventilation functions.
Breast feeding is the baby’s main activity during the first months of his life, requiring a lot of energy and it’s why babies fall often asleep during breast feeding.
Created by dental surgeons, the Bioteet teats unique design preserves the breast feeding “natural mechanic” allowing the baby to beneficiate of all the growing stimuli and a nursing comfort equivalent to the breast feeding. Bioteet teats are recommended for both mixed and teat feeding allowing a smooth weaning.