At breast
The baby opens largely his mouth to snap up his mother’s breast allowing a contact nose-chin with his mother, his lips closing tightly the nipple all around.
Then his lower jaw is going up and toward the areola to compress the breast by the main action of the chewing muscles to push the milk out through the nipple. We can see the ears of the baby “moving” at this time.
Then the tongue makes an undulating move (peristaltic) from front to rear along the palate, against the nipple, to get the milk out.
The chicks’ muscles are creating a slight depression intra-oral improving the quality of the closing around the nipple. During the breast feeding, it’s the mother’s breast which is modeling to the shape of the baby’s oral cavity.
This cycle will be repeated several times before the swallowing of the milk by the baby. The effort of the chewing muscles allows a complete closing of the rear of the oral cavity avoiding the risk of wrong route and ear infection.
The baby is normally breathing by the nose during the feeding before swallowing, breathing staying nasal.
The rhythms of the move and the functions are steady (feeding-breathing/swallowing).
Important points :
- Nipple following the shape of the baby’s oral cavity
- Strong solicitation of the chewing muscles : growing stimulation
- Peristaltic move of the tongue :
      =>dental arcades harmonious growing

- Nose breathing
- Baby self-regulation of the milk flow
- Closing of the rear of the oral cavity
      =>avoiding the risk of wrong route and regurgitation.