With Bioteet® teat :
The round shape with the large collar of the Bioteet® areola allows to the baby a nose-chin contact exactly like at breast. He opens largely his mouth to receive the Bioteet teat and his lips close the areola all around tightly.
The lower jaw is moving up and rear to compress the areola and extract the milk by the effect of the chewing muscle on the teat.The junction between the nipple and the areola of the Bioteet® teat is reduced for a good positioning of both lower and upper jaw.
The asymmetric shape of the Bioteet® nipple is matching with the oral cavity and reproduces the one of the mother nipple deformed by the baby’s suction (its diameter could be reduced by 60% and its length increased by 40%).
The upper part of the nipple is rough and thickened in order to get the right positioning against the baby’s palate.
The Bioteet® teat allows a moderate effort from the chicks’ muscles to create a light depression intra-oral favorable to the milk flow and improving the tight closing all around the areola like at mother’s breast.
The rear part of the nipple is thin and bald making easier the tongue natural work and its correct positioning as a gutter. The tongue is compressing the nipple along the palate to extract the milk by peristaltic moves as during a mother feeding.
Chewing muscle effort allows a complete closing of the rear of the oral cavity and prevents wrong route and ear infection. The rhythm of the moves and the functions is smooth (feeding-breathing/swallowing).
The Bioteet® teat respects feeding muscle function and particularly the tongue chewing muscles. The Bioteet teat allows a jaw and facial harmonious development and prevents troubles of the relation between dental arcades.
Important points :
- Asymmetric shape similar to the one of the mother’s nipple in the baby’s mouth during the feeding.
- Different thickness and roughness adapted to the baby’s anatomy.
- Chicks muscles low activity
- Respect of the muscle feeding function (strong activity of the chewing muscles).
     => Dental arcades harmonious growing (favorable to the muscle function, growing stimuli)
     => Complete closing of the rear of the oral cavity.
               - Risk reduction of wrong route, ear infection and regurgitation.
               - Nasal breathing
- Limited effect of gravity causing free extra flowing.