Bioteet® testing
Newborns observation (or videos) during the feeding with the Bioteet teat shows very close results compared to the ones observed during the breast feeding.
The amplitude of the movements of the lower jaw is equivalent during the breast feeding and during Bioteet® feeding. The rhythms of the movements, the breathing/swallowing synchronization are very similar in both cases.
The Bioteet® smooth flow makes the feeding slightly faster than at breast but do not hamper the baby’s nasal breathing.
It’s the baby’s muscular activity at breast which allows a normal growing of the skull bones. A lack of muscular activity is the cause of irreparable growing defect, having as middle term consequences: dental obstruction and orthodontic apparatus.
Thanks to an electromyogram device, we can compare muscular activity at breast and with the Bioteet® teat: on an average, muscular activity is similar at breast and with Bioteet®, the maximum activity being slightly less important with Bioteet®.
At breast
Masseter muscle activity
With Bioteet® teat
We also realize comparatives ultrasonography of breast feeding and bottle feeding with Bioteet®.
The similitude of the ondulatory motion of the tongue is striking.
Bottle feeding with Bioteet®
Breast feeding