Bioteet® concept
The Bioteet unique design has been created to respect the baby’s mouth anatomy.
The variable thickness and the silicone specific surface texture help the baby to reproduce the natural movements of the mother breast feeding: limitation of the piston movement of the tongue, reducing the palate distortion and helping an harmonious growing of the dental arcades.
The asymmetrical shape is adapted to the baby’s mouth.
Michael Woolridge - 1986
The 'anatomy' of infant sucking
Bioteet® teat Iltet - 2012
Specific work on thicknesses:
Close view of Bioteet® nipple
The teat surfaces are adapted to the baby’s anatomy: rough surface for the palate and bald for the tongue in order to improve the feeding comfort.
The correct positioning of the asymmetrical teat is helped by an extra-thickness marker located at the top of the areola. Baby’s breathing and swallowing natural cycles, as well as their synchronization, are respected, what is reducing the risk of wrong route and ear infection this for the baby’s health and well being.