Iltet® Research and development
Created and designed by health professionals, in close cooperation with young mothers and tested in real situation with babies, our products, because of their innovative design, are fully adapted to the oral different steps of the development of the babies. Two patents have already been registered by ILTET® for its new generation dental pacifier (dummy) and teats.
The whole ILTET® range has been specifically design to support children from 0 to 4 years old. Babies representing one of the most sensitive parts of the population, our products comply with all the safety regulations and materials are selected with the last severity, largely above legal definitions. Exceptional quality of our products is guaranteed by an exclusive French manufacturing.
Our research and development medical team works in close cooperation with many health professionals: pediatricians, dental surgeons, midwifes, medicine doctors, orthodontists, speech therapists…
The ILTET® research team was awarded by the French national research ministry in 2009 (young innovative companies national competition).
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