ILTET, an eco-responsible company :
It is compulsory to be eco-responsible today if we want to welcome our children on this earth tomorrow.

Iltet chart
1- French manufacturing :
Our products are 100% manufactured in France
French manufacturing means “clean manufacturing” as the environmental standards and regulations are duly respected, what is not the case everywhere in the world. French manufacturing means a direct pollution reduction linked to the transportation and also a non-direct pollution reduction linked to the transportation risks.
2- Recyclable materials :
Packaging and ILTET teats are from recyclable materials as well as a mineral water bottle.
3- Eco-conduct :
Our premises are part of a mutualized group of non-air conditioned buildings allowing an energetic expense reduction.
Our offices lights are switched off at night and during the week-end.
Non-occupied offices lights are switched off as well.
We use electronic communication as much as possible and preferably to paper, we print only what is compulsory.
Our customers are electronically invoiced to reduce paper consumption.
Printed papers are stored separately and used again as draft papers, at the end it will be recycled as the rest of our litters.
We practice car-pooling between colleagues.
And last, we daily sort the company litters (paper, cardboard, plastic) in order to reduce as much as possible our environmental daily impact.